“My name is ______________. I live in Somaliland. My children are living on streets. I am homeless. I seek money from begging. My children are fatherless. I seek the money for many different ways including sex work. When a man gives a money he needs you something to change and it is sex. Sometimes I am forced to make sex, a man rapped me a night and give a money as to be silent. I don’t like to tell some matters but the hard circumstances compelled me to do so.”

We will teach our friend a skill so she will no longer live on the streets and her children will live with her. And, she will hear Truth and learn about the Way, the Truth, and the Life…along with her children. She will be one of many from various age groups, with various backgrounds, and who need various types of skill training…so one day they will escape the cycle of poverty into which they were born.

Partner: Innovative Humanitarian Solutions-Somaliland

Human Trafficking/Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault

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