Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is:

  • Modern-day slavery involving the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act.
  • The fastest growing business of organized crime and the third largest criminal enterprise in the world.

Human Trafficking is different from human smuggling. Trafficking is exploitation-based and does not require movement across borders or any type of transportation! 

Human Trafficking Enterprise:

  • Involves 5-10 victims
  • A victim sees 6 customers each day
  • A victim works 7 days a week
  • The enterprise can earn between $37,500 and $75,000 each week

Human Trafficking Recently Dismantled in Houston:

  • Prices varied according to age and appearance of victims
  • Charged $20 admission fee
  • Admission fee alone generated $1,265,820 in just 18 months

Human Trafficking in Texas:

  • 20% of human trafficking in the United States occur in Texas
  • 20% of victims in United States travel through Texas
  • 25% of nationally rescued victims are rescued in Texas
  • Houston is the nation’s largest hub for human trafficking 
  • 2012 there were over 200 active brothels, 2 new ones every month
  • Houston is home to more strip clubs and illicit spas than Las Vegas
  • Houston has more brothels than Starbucks coffee shops

Partner: Safe Haven Counseling, Angela K. Waggoner, MA, LPC-S, LCDC-I, NCC

Human Trafficking/Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault

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